Shippshape Organizers was founded in 2016 by Indira Shipp. The goal in creating Shippshape Organizers is to transform everyday spaces #INSHIPPSHAPE

With over 12 years of experience in interior design, space functionality design, and closet design, Indira was able to develop her own specialized flow to simplify any space in style. Indira is based in South Florida area where she is committed to servicing the community through a blend of style, simplicity, and sophistication. Indira is dedicated at supporting her clients with their organization journey, providing them with less clutter, less stress, more time, and more money! 

Indira has a passion for organizing and designing spaces in fun ways, starting Shippshape Organizers has helped her re-invent her identity outside of being a mother of two children. She understands how overwhelming disorder can be and has the solution on how to get your home #INSHIPPSHAPE.






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Benefits of hiring a Professional Organizer !


Responsible methods of disposal & recycling. The landfill is the last option. We are able to haul the chaos away through donations & consignment drop offs, while effectively saving materials.


Seeing it through to the end, even though it's difficult. With a set of fresh eyes, reason & objectivity, calm attitude, a Professional Organizer helps you stay focused and efficient.


Through maintenance strategies and customized organizational products, Professional Organizers are able to design functional spaces that allow flow and order.


Hiring a Professional Organizer in the long run will save you time & money, allowing you to relax & live stress free in an organized & functional space the whole family can enjoy.


What Our Clients Say

“Indira is an expert organizer who has the gift to transform any space! She has completely transformed our home from a messy and cluttered space to a very orderly and organized space that has remained organized for over a year. I highly recommend Shippshape Organizers, it was the best decision for my home that I have ever made!”
julie exposito
“Shippshape Organizers was a life saver to me! Indira has the professional eye for detail and gets the job done! She completely transformed my baby’s room and I owe her so much gratitude for it. I am a mother of three with a business to run which rarely gives me the time to reorganize. I will definitely be using her again and highly recommend her!.”
Sefena cooper
“God sent! I had so much clutter and mess in my daughter’s closet that accumulated after a knee injury and I was at my wits end until I found Indira on a mommy group online. The difference was night and day. I was able able to walk in and out of the closet where as before there was no space to walk. She also gave me pointers on how to maintain order.”
Becki dee

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