All-Inclusive Packages

Our all-inclusive packages are designed to make the experience of getting organized less stressful for you. We plan your space, purchase supplies and create a functional organized home for you. We have a four hour minimum but are happy to work with your needs.

Package Pricing includes:

Free Consultation

Space Planning-Create Organizing Solutions

Shopping for Supplies

4 Hour Organizing Session

Donation Pick-up/ Drop Off

Rate-One Organizer

Single Session (4 hours) $280

Package Discounts

3 Sessions $798 (Save 5%)

6 Sessions $1512 (Save 10%)

9 Sessions $2142 (Save 15%)

Rate- 2 Organizers

Single Session(4 hours) $480

-Discounted Packages

3 sessions $1368 (Save 5%)

6 Sessions $2592 (Save 10%)

9 Sessions $3672 (Save 15%)

Monthly Maintenance

Once your home has been professionally organized by us we can help you keep it organized with our monthly maintenance packages.

Hourly rate of $60