Indira at SFL is an expert organizer

Indira at SFL is an expert organizer who has the gift to transform any space. Although I appreciate organization, I have never been very good at it. So when I met with Indira to discuss options, I never imagined the end result! She has completely transformed our home from a messy space to a very orderly place. She was able to organize tiny spaces to finally fit everything. Now everything is accessible and easily found in our kitchen. She gave us plenty of advice about reworking spaces. I never realized that there is an art to folding, so although she shared tips with us, I could never replicate it, which is why her maintenance plan is so helpful. Thank you, Indira, for reworking and redefining our space. I highly recommend SFL Organizers to others, it was the best decision ever made! 
Julie Exposito, Cooper City